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Ed.M. Applicants As a reminder, competitive candidates need not have prior direct experience in an education setting though they should have a clear conception of why they’re pursuing a master’s degree in education. In addition, “education” and “education-related” are broadly defined at HGSE and encompass all fields covered by the Ed.M. programs we offer. In your statement, please discuss: 1. Your background: what key experiences have contributed to your commitment to work in the field of education or with education-related issues 2. Your objectives for graduate study: what are your academic and professional goals and what knowledge, skills, and tools are you hoping to develop through enrollment in a graduate program 3. Why HGSE, and why this specific program (and strand within the program, if relevant): why is enrollment at HGSE, and in this master’s program/strand specifically, critical in helping you achieve your goals 4. Where are you now 5. What knowledge, education, experience gaps are you trying to fill by this master program

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