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Case Study Application

Students will complete a final case study application that will demonstrate the ability to use professionalism while engaging, assessing, intervening, and evaluating with clients through this case application paper. The student will discuss how they would manage a case from start to finish using Jake’s case study. students may have to become a little creative with Jake’s case study, providing information that is not directly present in the case study.  The purpose of this assignment is to not be perfect in terms of the case study but to demonstrate your knowledge of how to work a case to meet the client’s needs. 

This paper will be 12 – 15 pages in length. It will be written in APA, 7th edition format, using Times New Roman 12 point with one-inch margins.   

Below are the specific instructions for the assignment and the level headers to use in writing the paper.  Remember Level One Headers should be bold and centered.  You will also need additional level two headers and possibly level three headers to organize your paper effectively.  However, the level headers below are required.  


Case Summary: Write a one paragraph introduction to this paper, discussing the client demographics and initial case conceptualization.

Treatment Models: Discuss two treatment perspectives you would consider using with Jake.  You may use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an approach but you may not use any of the techniques used by the therapist in the case study. Discuss evidenced based materials that support your used of these approaches. What evidence is that this treatment model would be effective addressing Jake’s needs? Are there any controversies related to this technique? How do your treatment goals relate to the models of treatment you have chosen? Add a discussion of the goals and evaluation of expected outcomes from your treatment approach with Jake and his family.

Potential Ethical Dilemmas: Do you see any potential ethical dilemmas with Jake’s case? Utilize the NASW Code of Ethics and discuss the standards that might apply.  Also discuss the NASW Code of Ethics values and ethical principles that apply.  How does the NASW Code of Ethics provide guidance and direction to make ethical decisions to address the potential ethical dilemmas identified.

Case Opening: Briefly discuss your first appointment with Jake.  What paper work would you need to complete with Jake and what are some specific information that you would need to discuss with Jake. Next discuss your engagement strategy for working with Jake and how role induction would be used at this stage.  This would include a discussion of how you (whom the client is meeting for the very first time) could develop a working relationship and to support your intervention strategies. Consider unique strengths and challenges Jake presents and how you can use that knowledge to build rapport. Are there cultural, spiritual, religious, and family identities that need to be considered? Discuss specific skills we have discussed in the class that you would use for case opening and engagement.

Case Conceptualization: Based on the case conceptualization in Jake’s case study, discuss your assessment (Level 2 Heading) of strengths and needs of this case.  You will discuss how you would go about using assessment skills for case conceptualization.  Discussion of Comprehensive Family Assessment and Genogram or Ecomaps should be included and organized in your paper as a Level 3 Headers.  Add a genogram and/or Ecomap as an appendix based on the information from the case study.  You will also need to become a little creative to take the genogram back three generations. You will need to provide a description of significant relationships in Jake’s life and patterns among family members noted on your Genogram.  Critically analyze those relationships and how they impact the identified needs. Give a brief assessment of Jake’s needs.  Discuss how issues of race/ethnicity, class, gender and sexual orientation may relate to the strengths and needs he and his family may be experiencing.  You might also include assessment tools that you learned in SW 610 such as anxiety or depression inventories in this section.  Use of additional assessment tools need to be organized with Level 3 headings under the Assessment Level 2 heading. Provide some discussion of how you developed your case Treatment Plan (Level 2 Header) and any collaboration you may have had with the client in treatment plan development. Add a treatment plan as an appendix based on the needs identified in your assessment of Jake’s needs. What explicit, measurable, observable goals do you have for Jake and his family? The treatment plan needs to include your goals, objectives, and interventions.

Interventions: This section should detail a description of the intervention proposed to use with Jake. This section should carry the most weight in this paper and be the longest in length.  You will need to discuss the type of Intervention utilized in each session and what is the purpose of the intervention. Discuss what your sessions would look like and what you would cover/address during sessions.  You are expected to describe each of six (6) sessions and how each session would be conducted.  Describe the primary focus of each session.  The focus of the session is your strategy for the session and should relate back to an objective found in your treatment plan.  Next, you will describe what you specifically dealt with in each session to achieve the focus of the session.  You will need to discuss the theories that support your session plan and reasoning for selecting that theory.  Provide detail about the techniques used during the session that come from the selected theory along with other specific skills (skills 1-36) you would use during the session. You will also provide a progress note as an appendix from one of the sessions you describe in this section. There should be six level two headers in this section following this pattern:

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Session Six

Evaluation of Treatment: Discuss your plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment you have provided for Jake.  How would you measure effectiveness of treatment? Why do you think this approach would be successful?

Plan for Termination of Services: Discuss how you would prepare Jake for termination of services. How would you know it was time to terminate services? What would you discuss with Jake in your last session with him?

Personal Reflection: What do you like or dislike about clinical services as a social worker? Do you see yourself working from a clinical perspective as a social worker? If so, what do you need to do to put yourself in a position to practice clinically as a social worker?

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