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Individual Report (13 Points)For this assignment, you’ll write a minimum 500-word, single-spaced, informal informational report in a memo format, addressed to your immediate supervisor, and outlining your recommendations to address an oral communication issue that your organization is experiencing. Your topic for this report will be the same topic as you’ve selected for the Individual Informative Presentation (above) – that is, related to the topic of public speaking and oral communications. If you have any questions, please see me to discuss your approach prior to beginning your project. Approach your report from the perspective of an employee who is making a set of recommendations to your boss as to how to best address the relevant communication issue. You may assume that your boss has asked you to do this research and make these recommendations. As you will be addressing this report to your supervisor, you need to be conscious of your word choice and tone to ensure that it is both professional and respectful. See “Persuading the Boss: Messages Flowing Upward” in Chapter 8, pages 226-227 of the text for guidelines in communicating with your It will be to your benefit to include a relevant table, chart, graph, etc., where appropriate (with appropriate citations, of course).Research Once you’ve selected your topic, you’ll need to research reputable sources to learn the best practices for addressing your organization’s communication problem. You may use our (Guffey) text as one of your sources, but please include at least one additional reference. Remember to avoid carefully avoid plagiarism when conducting research and provide citations (using APA format) wherever appropriate.Deliverables1) Problem Statement and Statement of Purpose. On Wednesday 7/1/20, you’ll submit a Problem Statement and Statement of Purpose (explanations and examples on pages 259-261 in the text or in section “Determine the Problem and Purpose,” Chapter 9) in Blackboard Discussions. 2) Draft. Before submitting your final report, you’ll first develop a draft which will be shared with your peers for feedback on 7/20/20. As noted above, this will be a minimum 500-word, single-spaced, informal informational report in a memo format (refer to Chapter 9, Informal Reports). The business writing best practices described in chapter nine and throughout the textbook should be employed in crafting a clear, concise and impactful document. Requirement: Our individual informative presentation topic are “visual aids, and when to use each” and “How to dress and look professional”2 pages Reference in APA style Memo format (on PPT Chapter 9 slide 16)please write two essays with different content

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