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Police Brutality in California

Major Assignment Descriptions

o    Steps for MA:


1.    Step 1: Choose a Social Problem from the list below

2.    Step 2: Choose a Policy Idea to address your chosen social problem

3.    Step 3: Write your paper using the Outline provided below

Step 1: Social Problem

Select a social problem from the list below. If you would like to work on a problem not listed,


1.    Police brutality in California.

Step 2: Policy Idea


o    Picking your policy idea may be the most challenging part of this assignment for many of you. If you are not able to get to all the assigned reading and/or if you tend to find school overwhelming, you may struggle with this step. If that’s the case, you are welcome to use one of the policy idea examples listed below.

o    If you are picking a policy idea yourself, please keep the following guidance in mind: you *can* pick a policy that has been implemented before, but the policy needs to have “somewhere to go” as you are supposed to be coming up with something new. For example, if you pick a law that has been passed in one state, your policy idea might be to implement the law in another state. Or if it has been passed in a lot of states, your idea might be for it to be implemented at the national level. 

o    TIP: In the “Week 2…” Module, a page called “Tips on Finding Policy Ideas” may be helpful.

 My selected policy example

·         Examples of Social Problems and Policy Ideas: 


o    Example 1: 

Step 1 [Social Problem]: Student Loan Debt 

Step 2 [Policy Idea]: Student Debt Cancellation (by Executive Order on the Federal Level)

References to learn more: Reference 1Links to an external site.Reference 2Links to an external site.



§  Step 3: Paper Outline (and guidance)


This paper should be at least four pages long, it should use APA formatting, and should have at least three references (academic journal articles are encouraged, but not required). Students should use the Outline below.


o    Paper Outline:

1.    Introduction

2.    Background Information

3.    Policy Solution

4.    Advocacy Plan (including Timeline and Goals, Objectives, and Action Steps [at least one goal, at least one objective per goal, and at least three action steps per objective])

5.    Conclusion

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