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Rational Emotive Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

Students are asked to implement aspects of Rational Emotive Brief Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approaches into their work with a client either at your internship, place of employment, or through a role-play experience with their class partner.  This should be a different skill than the one used in the first or second Skill Reflection Paper. 

Based on your practice during the week, write a short paper (2-3 pages) discussing the REBT and CBT Approaches. The majority of the paper should be a reflection on how well you were able to use the REBT and CBT Approaches as well as your comfort level with the skill. Discuss areas of growth you feel you need.

Discuss the following related to your implementation of the REBT and CBT Approaches: 

  • Which skills discussed to this point were of greatest interest to you and desire to master.
  • What were likes and dislikes regarding the REBT and CBT Approaches.
  • Describe the manner in which you implement the REBT or CBT Approach with your client.
  • What was your purpose in using this approach (other than being required by your professor) and what response you hoped to achieve with the client.
  • Was the skill effective in meeting your purposes with the client and to what degree that was achieved.

Finish your skill reflection paper with a critical reflection:  Answer the following questions:

  • What will I do differently next time I use the skill? What will I do the same?
  • What do I think I did well?
  • What was my comfort level with using this skill?
  • What did the use of this skill set you up to do next with the client?
  • In what ways do I need to grow to master the use of this skill?


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